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NEW! The Online Version of the Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume I

Ode to Isaac Newton

Alpha Rocket Altitude Calculator
    The rocket altitude calculator requires the  Mathematica CDF player

Second Trimester Review

SC001 Constellation Chart Tutorial

SC001 Constellation Chart Quiz

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The Particle Adventure

The Particle Physics Rap

Cosmic Jingle

A great site about Cosmology, The Universe Adventure!

An interesting history of the idea of energy can be found in the Wikipedia at Historical development of the concept of Energy

Ancient Greek ( and other ) Scientists:


Interesting Physics Links:

The Mechanical Universe
A nice electric field app.
A good model rocket site
Roller Coaster WebQuest
Interactive Vector Addition
Physics, Principles and Problems  a more typical physics text book
The Physics Classroom, a physics tutorial
Reading the History of Science
Physical Review Focus
Physics 2000
Timeline of Physics
Introduction to Color
History of Rockets
Practical Rocketry
From Stargazers to Starships
Goddard Spaceflight Center
Physics Tutorial
Another Physics Tutorial
Space Exploration
Particle Adventure
Bouyancy and the Pontoon Effect