Chapter Name
Activity Name
Getting Started
  1. Install Software.
  2. Review 3D environment and explore features.
  3. View model in simulator.
CHAPTER 1–Your Boe-Bot's Brain
  1. Getting the Parallax Software.
  2. Using the Help File.
  3. Hardware Setup.
  4. Overview of programming.
  5. Write your first program.
CHAPTER 2– Your Boe-Bot's Servo Motors
  1. Building and Testing an LED Circuit.
  2. Tracking Time and Repeating Actions with a Circuit.
  3. Connecting the Servo Motors.
  4. Centering the Servos.
  5. How To Store Values and Count.
  6. Testing the Servos.
CHAPTER 3–Assemble and test your Boe-Bot
  1. Assembling the Boe-Bot Robot.
  2. Re-Test the Servos.
  3. Start/Reset Indicator Circuit and Program.
  4. Testing Speed Control with the Debug Terminal.
CHAPTER 4-Boe-Bot Navigation
  1. Basic Boe-Bot Maneuvers.
  2. Tuning the Basic Maneuvers.
  3. Calculating Distances.
  4. Maneuvers—Ramping.
  5. Simplify Navigation with Subroutines.
  6. Advanced Topic—Building Complex Maneuvers in EEPROM.
CHAPTER 5– Tactile Navigation
  1. Building and Testing the Whiskers.
  2. Field Testing the Whiskers.
  3. Navigation with Whiskers.
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Deciding When You’re Stuck.
CHAPTER 6– Light-Sensitive Navigation with Phototransistors
  1. A Simple Binary Light Sensor.
  2. Measure Light Levels with Phototransistors.
  3. Light Sensitivity Adjustment.
  4. Light Measurements for Roaming.
  5. Routine for Roaming Toward Light.
  6. Test Navigation Routine with the Boe-Bot.
CHAPTER 7- Navigating with Infrared Headlights
  1. Building and Testing the IR Object Detectors.
  2. Field Testing for Object Detection and Infrared Interference.
  3. Infrared Detection Range Adjustments.
  4. Object Detection and Avoidance.
  5. High-Performance IR Navigation.
  6. The Drop-Off Detector.
CHAPTER 8- Robot Control with Distance Detection
  1. Testing the Frequency Sweep.
  2. Boe-Bot Shadow Vehicle.
  3. Following a Stripe.
  4. More Boe-Bot Activities and Projects Online.
Technology Careers
  1. Types of career paths, choosing engineering, and where to find jobs - companies who hire.
  2. More than 50 career overviews with salaries & education requirements.